Luxury Skin Care Collection

About Bella Skin Inc.

Bella Owen founder of Bella Skin Incorporated has been in business for 20 years and serves her clientele at Piccadilly Plaza in Boca Raton, Florida with unparalleled skill, expertise, creative innovation and most importantly genuine care and sensitivity to their needs.

She began as an aesthetician, but it was soon apparent that Bella possessed more than the average touch and sensibility to people and their needs. Naturally, clients flocked to her because she took exquisite care their skin, but it really is much more than that. It truly is about beauty, inside and out.

Her clients are among some of the most loyal patrons anyone could find in this industry. Bella’s clients know that no matter what adverse skin condition they experience, Bella either has the perfect potion for quick, effective results or she will create for them.  Often these new skin care inventions are custom blended right there in the salon.

In fact, Mrs. Owen has the distinction of caring for generational clients.  A lively teenage girl enters the salon with three of her friends and confesses that she is attending prom this evening. As most young girls she is excited and a bit nervous, but as soon as Bella places a very confident and maternal hand upon the girl’s shoulder there seems to be a more relaxed air about the young woman. She tells me that originally her grandmother was a client of Mrs. Owen, who sought professional assistance with anti-aging and found success with Bella's Mini Lift Firming serum. This relationship soon grew to include her daughter and now the granddaughter, and her granddaughter’s friends. As most teenagers, these girls often develop mild to severe acne. Bella originally designed her acne skin care treatments for her teenage sons. However, the two serums are custom blended for the needs of each teenager and their specific skin types and kinds of acne. Realizing how important beautiful skin is to a young girl Bella developed a skincare line especially for this teenager with acne and added special emollients to keep her young skin supple and hydrated while simultaneously drying pimples and eliminating blackheads.

The next client of the day enters Bella's Skin Care Salon and as I begin to ask her about her experience with Bella's Skincare Line and expertise the woman begins to sing the accolades of Bella’s magic touch especially her Caviar line and her Instant Face Lift Serum. This client suffered from rosacea for many years and came to Bella Skincare after many failed attempts to control her condition under the supervision of dermatologists. She was completely frustrated with her skin condition and the effects it had on both her professional and private life.  She has been a faithful client of Bella’s products ever since, which is more than twenty years. She is animated and filled with gratitude as she recounts her delight at finally finding a solution to her problem with rosacea. Naturally, as with all clients, Bella always adds a little something special to those clients she sees personally in the salon, taking time to customize her skin care solution regimes to meet their specific needs. Bella Skin Care is remarkably luxurious and effective for all skin types.

Client number three enters Bella’s Salon. She is also a client for more than 20 years and she tells of her premature aging skin due to exposure to sun and wind. Her skin looked remarkably hydrated and spot free for a woman in her sixties who spent much of her adult life outdoors for her career. Again, the Clear Complex Power Gel and all the products of the Caviar Collection left this client’s face remarkably regenerated and restored. 

This lovely, intimate salon, demurely tucked away in Piccadilly Plaza Boca Raton, Florida is actually a haven, an inviting sanctuary for women and sometimes men to relax, rejuvenate and restore not only their skin, but their sense of well-being. Bella herself is genuinely warm, interested in the welfare of her clients and their happiness with her Skin Care products and services. She has an authentic vested interest in helping people look and feel their best.